Navigation Software

Prosat Technology has developed a navigation range combines simplicity of use with the most recent technological advances in features and functionality.

Main Features

  • State-of-the-art intuitive UI
  • Truck features
  • Latest Map Guarantee
  • Connected features
  • Intuitive features
  • Fleet and mobile resource management
  • HD 3D Visual Experience

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Intutitive Features

Congestion detour

Based on the slowdown of the car, the congestion detour feature recognizes traffic jams on the highway — even if they are not indicated by the traffic service. It immediately calculates detours and gives hints, instead of blindly continuing according to the original plan.

Real-time route alternatives

Taking advantage of crossroads, real-time route alternatives are given if the car approaches an inner-city junction too slowly, and the driver sees that the planned route is affected by congestion. (This feature is switched off by default.)

Hints upon detour

When a driver suddenly leaves the highway – which can be either to avoid something ahead or to stop for something in the neighborhood (fuel station, rest area, restaurant, etc.) – the software tries to find out the reason for doing so, instead of forcing the driver back on the planned route. The hints upon detour feature provides appropriate hints in an unobtrusive way.

Parking around destination

It offers assistance in finding a parking place as the driver approaches the destination. Our software not only shows parking places in the neighbourhood, but also ranks them in order of the optimum distance from the destination.


High Definition Terrain Visualization

– Stunning visual experience
– Dramatically enhanced rendering of distant terrain
– HW accelerator and full software rendering support

Additional Visualization Highlights

Unparalleled true 3D visualization, Country specific road shields matches what you see on the screen with what you see on the road. Free camera movements to explore the map. Selectable 3D car models watch your favorite model drive on the screen

Breadcrumb Trail

At lower speeds the GPS heading is not accurate.
Breadcrumb trail gives a sense of direction in pedestrian mode

Destination Search

Smart Keyboard

With the smart keyboard it, grays out invalid characters
and offers the most likely matches based on previously used destinations and on city population sizes. This greatly speeds up address entry

Smart History

Smart History learns the user’s behaviour. It first few items ranked based on:
Date and time,
Previous routes then
Current position.
The rest of the list is a chronological history

Point Addressing

Point Addressing addresses (along with entry points) stored individually in map file. You can also point on the map and navigation to that address.

Picture Navigation

Picture Navigation lets you pick a picture and it it as a destination. (requires geotagged pictures) This allows you to create a route by selecting a picture.

Additional Search Highlights

There are also many more features such as “Wizard-style POI search. You can also search along your current route. When looking for an address you can search by state or Zip code and add an unlimited number of favourites.


Historical speed

Historical speed collects all your data and helps selects the best route based on day of week and time of day. It Utilizes traffic patterns and speed profiles.

Green Routing

Green Routing has a slightly longer travel time than with “Fast” but significantly reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emission. Green Routing estimates fuel consumption based on standardized rural and urban consumptions (to be entered by user) and anticipated travel speed.

Time Sense

Time Sense supports time-related information such as reduced speed during night time, road closes at weekends and road for reconstruction.

Quick Planning

Quick Planning dramatically cuts calculation time for extremely long routes.

Real route alternatives

Real route alternatives gives multiple routes variants calculated simultaneously. A number of „sufficiently different” alternatives calculated with the preferred method (fast, green, …), plus routes calculated with the other methods.

Additional Routing Highlights

There are many additional Routing features, such as Seamless navigation across borders & maps. You can select different vehicle types (taxi, emergency, bicycle, bus, pedestrian). You can also avoid different road types such as (highways, toll routes, unpaved routes, ferries, HOV lanes, areas requiring special permits) and avoid specific roads. If you happen to leave your route your matbella GPS will automatically recalculation a new route.


Real Junctions

Shows realistic images of junctions

Tunnel view

Shows the inside of a tunnel in order not to disturb the driver with irrelevant details, such as roads and elevation on the surface.

Lane Guidance and Real Signposts

Lane guidance helps the driver to get in the right lane well before the upcoming maneuver. Country specific signposts matching the real ones reassure the driver.

Driver Alerts

Driver alerts provides additional info (road signs) for the driver and thus enhances safety. Drivers can follow country specific alert signs and alert drivers of upcoming dangerous driving situations or those regulations that need special attention to enhances safety

Proximity Alerts

Proximity Alerts give you warming for school zones, railway crossings etc

Additional Guidance Highlights

Additional Guidance features include icons for the next 2 manoeuvres, Real Manoeuvres icons for roundabouts, safety camera alerts, speed warnings wtc

Support for 4WD routing (Australia Only)

4WD Unsealed roads in Australia are shown on your Marbella GPS

Voice Guidance

Pre-recorded voice guidance available in 40 languages with male and female voices.


TTS Pro announcement of road names supported by Loquendo or Nuance engine. TTS Pro also reads out traffic events, country information (after a border crossing) and vocal route summary.


Visualization of the direction of traffic events

Visualization of the direction of traffic events clearly marks the direction on the road (next to the affected lanes) where a traffic event happened.


Receives traffic updates from RDS TMC traffic. Your Marbella GPS calculates routes in the background in case of traffic events affecting the route.

User Interface and Workflow

Design objectives

Designed for simple operation and intuitiveness and a focus on safety (user never forced (nor encouraged) to touch the display while driving). The design also has advanced features never in the way when performing basic operations and has an uncluttered screen.


User-configurable with a quick menu and data fields which you can customise to suit.

Convenience Features

There are many Convenience Features such as a “Trip summary when reaching destination” and “Back to car” marking the position of the car (when the device is detached from the power supply)

Additional Features

Driver profiles

Personalized settings can be saved for multiple users.

Outdoor Features

Satellite imagery with high quality aerial photos of major cities.

Application suite

In addition to the navigation software, there is also a rich set of additional applications (unit, clothing size converter, calculator, etc.)


Multi language countries compiled into a single map file and supports 40+ voice guidance languages supported and 43 UI languages supported

Truck Navigation

Supports the premium segment of professional drivers.

SLAPI 1.2 for fleet management

Simple Location API (SLAPI) is a light-weight programming interface. SLAPI 1.2 offers much wider set of features than previous SLAPI versions and is Suitable for simple, quick and dirty applications or even full fledged fleet management solutions.

User Speedcams

Comes preloaded with fixed speed cameras and users can record speedcams to create their own database

Miscellaneous Application Features

There are many other additional features in the software such as a Trip Computer, Track log with speed and elevation profile, Export tracks to Google Earth, Where am I?, Rich POIs, Import POI form KML, Clickable POIs, Itinerary, 4 levels of detail, Route simulation and Industry–best map compression

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